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Welcome to TAYBS!

Welcome to Townsend Ashby Youth Baseball and Softball!!

PO BOX 443
Townsend, MA 01469

The purpose of the Townsend Ashby Youth Baseball & Softball League (TAYBS) is to provide an opportunity for youngsters to learn the fundamentals of baseball/softball and to facilitate their enjoyable participation in this activity.

Objectives include the development of positive social values and character traits, good citizenship, physical and mental well being and a knowledge, appreciation and interest in baseball/softball.

The primary goal of this program is that all boys and girls who sign up and tryout will be given the opportunity to participate in every game.

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Field Banner & Team Sponsor Combo

By sponsoring one of our fields, your company brand will be on display for all to see at. Your banner will be displayed at either (or both) Craven Field or Spaulding Field in Townsend. During our Spring...
Field Status
Ashby Elementary Gym - Ashby TBD (3/18) 
Craven Batting Cage - Townsend TBD (3/18) 
Craven Field - Townsend TBD (3/18) 
Hawthorne Brook Gym - Townsend TBD (3/18) 
Hawthorne Brook Softball - Townsend TBD (3/18) 
Spaulding Baseball Field - Townsend TBD (3/18) 
Spaulding Memorial Gym - Townsend TBD (3/18) 
Spaulding Softball Field - Townsend TBD (3/18) 
Spaulding T-Ball 1 Field - Townsend TBD (3/18) 
Spaulding T-Ball 2 Field - Townsend TBD (3/18) 
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