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8U Summer League Guidelines:

1.  Players are all league age 8U (can be as young as 6).  8U as of May 1st of the prior season.

2.  Teams will play ~8-10 regular season game followed by Playoffs.

3.  Home team will book and pay for umpire during the regular season. (split cost of umps in playoffs)

4.  Home team will provide game balls during the regualr season. (TAYBS provides game balls in playoffs)

5.  Winning Manager emails scores to tournament director.

6.  Standings will be kept on TAYBS site.

7.  Kid pitch only.

8.  Full rules can be found under on left menu.

9.  Team entrance fee will be ~$300 (trophies, t-shirts) (TBD after teams/rosters finalized)


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